Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rise of Nations Review

Rise of Nations is a RTS game developed by Big Huge Games.
The charm of this game is that it brings new concepts like the attrition, the territories, the inexhaustible resources, the importancy of the cities, etc.

The economy and the strategy are vital to win a game of Rise of Nations, if your economy is weak and your cities are small, you will be easily beaten in a weathering battle. The way you attack, and the units you send are also crucial (its not the same sending 100+ soldiers, than sending 60+ soldiers, 1 general and 2 supply carriages).

Solo Mode
The solo mode provides you the possibility to conquest a continent or even the whole world, each move you do in the map will cost a turn in the game, the turns are limited so you will have to use your mind to see the better way in order to get as much regions as possible. You can exchange a region for credits as well.

Finally, i very recomend the multiplayer mode, more if you can play with friends.