Friday, August 31, 2012

Age of Empires 1 Cheats Codes

If you're losing a battle, dont rage quit!

Press enter and type:

BIG BERTHA = Upgrade catapults
STEROIDS = Build instantly (the computer too)
PEPPERONI PIZZA = Gives you +1000 food
COINAGE = Gives you +1000 gold
QUARRY = Gives you +1000 stone
WOODSTOCK = Gives you +1000 wood
REVEAL MAP = You can see the whole map
KILL(number of the player) = Kill the player
DIEDIEDIE= Everybody dies <--- this one seems funny
RESIGN = Resing
GAIA = You'll be able to control the animals instead of the men
HOYOHOYO = Priests obtain 600 HP and 6 SPEED.
PHOTON MAN = Strong Soldiers with laser weapons
E=MC2 TROOPER = Soldier with nuclear weapons
ZEUS = Invincible Army
HOME RUN = You win the campaing
BIG BERTHA = Catapults get more range and damage


  1. i remember when i was 14 yrs old, and played this game 12 hrs a day :D

  2. good!!! I remenber that codes witn love :3

  3. My first pc game. Old but gold. I love this game. Thanks for the codes.

  4. One of the best games that i ever used to play, shame on me that i didnt know all these cheats than! :)

  5. i've used this cheats very often

  6. dude, cheating is bad.

  7. this is nostalgia!