Thursday, November 1, 2012

Starcraft Broodwar

Hello guys, it has been a month since my last updated, i apologize for that, hope you like this review!

 Starcraft Broodwar is the sequel of the sci-fi game Starcraft, since its release, in march of 1998, it has been applauded for its new campaings, music, new units, great history and balance between races.

The game is based in gather resources, build an army and develop its technologies in order to conquer your enemies. You will have to learn how and when attack your opponents, some units are more effective to some kind of enemies, if you sent your army against a unknown enemy, you would probably get smacked.

The game starts after the destruction of the supermind, Keriggan will have to take control over the zergs, in order to do this she'll have to kill all those cerebrates whom are still loyal to the overmind and are planning to make another one. Meanwhile the forces of the reformed goverment of earth (Now called United Earth Directorate), will try to take control over the Koprulu sector, which is infested of zergs.

Identifiers will be more needed in this delivery since all the races have lethal invisible units.

My opinion:
The game is highly addictive, it has a great history and charismatic heros. I still play it with my brothers :).
The multiplayer mode is just awesome, i totally recommend it.


  1. It's an expansion, not a sequel. Starcraft 2 is a sequel.

  2. I haven't heard about Starcraft 2 and this is the only known sequel that I know. With all the MMORPG on the web, it is pretty hard to find a decent one like the first franchise of Starcraft. I'm looking at this first before I play it.